How to describe oneself?

It's a question I ask myself now, from my little studio, where I'm writing this page about me. I have to say who I am, how I am and why I do what I do. I must? I should say it because this is a page whose title is about me and there will be many people who have entered to know something about me.

Well, this is like the self-portrait (a subject that is more than recurrent in my work). Photographing oneself, talking about oneself or accepting compliments about oneself, sometimes uncomfortable, right? This is a topic that I like to address in the papers and where some very curious conclusions come out, the truth.

And who am I?

Well I am a woman proud to be a woman. A woman with a speech that wants to turn over and in which she wants to turn over. A woman in constant experimentation.

And why photography?

There is no reason why photography. Rather it is a why to express myself and about that I do not have an answer. Or good, yes: to feel alive. Before photography, it was writing. Well, it has always been writing. It is the field where I have been able to experience and train the most. In 2013 I discovered the camera and, really, it interested me a lot. I found in that first carama, a new instrument with which to be able to express myself, to turn my discourse not only on paper, but through an image. I realized the power of the visual impact on the images. But it was not until I discovered photographic postproduction, when I really began to enjoy photography.

Photography allows me to express myself and post-production allows me to break the barrier of reality to show my true vision, my point of view about things.

That's why I do photography. Because I feel as if I could speak through it, pour from the inside a discourse of my own that reaches the rest and is heard